As website; What information do we collect about our members?

The types of data we collect and process include:

  • Your membership name or your real name
  • Your email adress
  • Your rope address

If you fill in the relevant fields in your profile in your member profile page, this information is kept in our database.

We collect some or all of this information in the following cases:

  • As a member you are signing up on this site.
  • You fill out the contact form.
  • When you are browsing the site.
  • When you fill in the information in your profile field.

How is your personal information used?

  • We can use your personal information in the following ways:
  • We may use your email address for informational or promotional purposes.
  • We can use your rope address when necessary (at the request of the authorities).
  • Your email and lp address is never shared with third parties

Other circumstances where we use your personal information.

If you navigate through pages on our site, we may collect a set of data that does not contain your personal information. This information is usually; the scanner you use, the type of device you are using, your screen resolution, etc., and does not contain personal information. This information is intended to provide site statistics and to provide site developments based on the results.

Security of your data

We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide us is secure. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we apply appropriate measures and procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

Cookie / Cookie Policy

Cookies / Cookies are small text files and are added to the browser you use from us. The purpose of the cookies is to ensure the continuity of some functions on the site. Remember, for example, when you log in, as you remember your preferences on the site.

For more information, see the Cookie Policy page.

Policy Acceptance

Continuing to use our site means you accept these policies. If you do not agree with our politics, do not use You are expressly consenting to the privacy policy while registering.

Making changes to politics

In the future we may wish to change our policies. After making the changes we made, you may be asked to review the information and accept it again.

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